Dog Insurance Ad – Platinum


Introducing our Platinum Package for Dog Insurance Brand – With ultimate in Boosting and Reachs.

πŸ“¦ Our Platinum Package Highlights:

βœ…Coverage for 10 Days (240 hrs – Continuous).

  • 🎁 BONUS: Extra 4 Days FREE (96 hrs – Continuous).
  • πŸ₯ˆ Premium Position: Grab 2nd Position Listing on Website.
  • πŸ’° Pricing: Only $129.99 USD.
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🐢πŸ₯ Calling All Dog Lovers! Secure Your Pup’s Future Today πŸ₯🐾

Attention, devoted pet parents! Your furry friend’s health and happiness are priceless, and we’re here to help you safeguard them. Introducing a positively amazing opportunity to advertise your dog insurance plans on our high-traffic website!

πŸ”’ Why Partner With Us?

  1. 🌐 Extensive Online Reach: Thousands of Pet Enthusiasts Visit Us Daily
  2. 🎯 Targeted Audience: Connect With Pet Owners Seeking Reliable Insurance
  3. πŸ“ˆ Increased Visibility: Feature Your Plans Front and Center
  4. πŸ’Ό Hassle-Free Process: Start Advertising in Minutes

✨ Platinum Package Highlights ✨

πŸ’° Pricing:

For the unbeatable price of 129.99 USD, you can claim our esteemed Platinum Advertising Package and make your mark on our advertising platform.

⏰ Running Time:

Your advertisement will bask in the limelight for an extensive 14 days (336 hours) – 10 days (240 hours) of continuous visibility plus a bonus 4 days (96 hours) of extra exposure absolutely FREE!

πŸ’Ž Advertising Package Details –

Choose One of the Following Options:

Option A:

1000x200px Top Slide Banner: Stand out from the competition with this captivating banner displayed at the top of our website, attracting the attention of every visitor.

300x500px Side “Get Quote” Banner: Maximize visibility with this prominent side banner, urging visitors to explore your exceptional dog insurance services.

300x300px Side Slide Banner: Engage our audience with a sleek and dynamic slide banner, showcasing your brand in a seamless, captivating manner.

300x300px Flip Banner: Bring your brand to life with a visually stunning flipping banner, creatively showcasing your services and offerings.

Option B:

300x500px Side “Get Quote” Banner: Utilize the prime real estate on our side panel to entice visitors to learn more about your top-notch insurance services.

300x300px Side Slide Banner: Engage our audience with a visually appealing slide banner, making your brand stand out in the crowd.

300x300px Flip Banner: Capture attention with a flipping banner, showcasing your brand in a unique and interactive way.

1000x200px Middle Slide Banner: This large, impactful banner will be prominently displayed in the middle of our website, capturing the attention of pet owners across the platform.

🐾 Reserve Your Spotlight Today! 🐾

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to take your dog insurance company to the pinnacle of success. Secure your spot for the Platinum Advertising Package now and receive 4 days of bonus exposure absolutely FREE!

To learn more about this exclusive offer or to book your slot, contact us at [Your Contact Information]. Let us help you connect with your target audience and establish your brand as a leading insurance provider in the pet industry.

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