Open Farm Raw Mix Food

Open Farm Raw Mix

In the world of pet nutrition, Open Farm Raw Mix stands out as a beacon of innovation stage. It offers a premium collection of dog food. That redefines the way we nourish our loving pets/dogs. When we have a sharp focus on raw and minimally processed nutrition. The Raw-Mix food products are a testament to the brand’s commitment to pet owners. The brand provides dogs a diet that provides their nutritional needs and preferences.

Open Farm’s Mission Statment  Behind RawMix:

Open Farm understands that dogs thrive on a diet. That closely resembles what their ancestors consumed in the untamed wilderness. With this in mind the RawMix collection is thoughtfully designed to bring the benefits of raw food to the modern convenience of pet owners. Brand ensures that dogs receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal health and vitality.

Top Rated Open Farm RawMix Foods:

Open Farm Raw Mix offers a variety of dog food products that combine nutrient-dense kibble, bone broth coating, and freeze-dried raw inclusions, aiming to mimic the ancestral diet of canines. Here’s a breakdown of their RawMix offerings:

Grain-Free Formulas RAW Mix
Grain-Free Formulas RAW Mix

Grain-Free Formulas:

  1. Open Farm Front Range Grain-Free RawMix for Dogs: 

In this recipe features a blend of grass fed beef pasture-raised lamb and pork are added. With no grains, legumes or byproducts. Freeze dried raw and bone included. Both coated kibble with added chunks of pork and beef freeze dried raw. 

  1. Open Prairie Grain-Free RawMix for Dogs: 

This food recipe has features of a blend of 100% animal welfare certified chicken and turkey. With no grains and legumes. or other by products. It has included freeze dried raw.  And also bone broth coated kibble with added chicken and turkey freeze dried raw chunks. 

Ancient Grains Formulas

Ancient Grains Formulas:

  1. Open Farm Wild Ocean Ancient Grains RawMix for Dogs:

This recipe is featured with seas foods like wild caught salmon, whitefish, and rockfish. Ancient grains like whole oats, millet and quinoa are also added in the recipe. It includes freeze-dried raw. And bone broth coated kibble. Chunks of salmon freeze-dried raw are added. 

  1. Open Farm Heartland Turkey Ancient Grains RawMix for Dogs: 

This dog food recipe has featured turkey raised on open pastures. And also ancient grains like whole oats, millet and quinoa are added in this. It includes freeze-dried raw and bone broth coated kibble with added chunks of turkey freeze-dried raw.

It’s important to note that the specific protein source and ingredients could vary depending on the recipe you choose for your beloved pet/dog. 

Main Key Features of Open Farm RawMix

Main Key Features of Open Farm RawMix:

  1. Nutrient-Dense Kibble:

The RawMix kibble is a powerhouse of essential nutrients. Which is carefully selected to provide a balanced and complete diet for dogs. It serves as a reliable base for the entire Open farm raw mix collection. To ensure that pets may receive the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins for overall well being.

  1. Bone Broth Infusion:

Adding a touch of culinary flair, Open Farm includes a bone broth infusion in RawMix. This not only enhances the flavor. But also introduces additional nutrients. Like collagen and amino acids. These elements support joint health and promote a shiny coat of dogs.

  1. Freeze-Dried Raw Blend:

To maintain the integrity of raw ingredients. The RawMix collection incorporates a freeze-dried raw blend. This food process preserves the natural goodness of the ingredients. Which has a taste of wildness in every bite. The dogs enjoy to eat this food.

  1. Chunks of Raw Meat:

A standout feature of RawMix is the inclusion of hearty chunks of raw meat. These provide a satisfying texture, delivering a carnivorous feast that satisfies a dog’s natural instinct to chew and tear at their food.

Benefits of Open Farm RawMix:

  1. Optimal Nutrient Absorption:

This recipe is the combination of kibble. With bone broth, freeze-dried raw blend.  The chunks of raw meat ensure the dogs not only enjoy their meals. But also experience optimal nutrient absorption. These promote the overall health and vitality of the dog.

  1. Improved Digestive Health:

The RawMix formula is minimally processed a natural way. The food support the digestive health of the dog. Its help to  reduce the likelihood of any type of allergies and sensitivities in dogs. This food contributes a happy and healthy life for your beloved pet.

  1. Enhanced Palatability:

Some dogs are sure to go wild for the delectable combination of flavors and textures in Raw-Mix food. So the enticing aroma and taste make mealtime an exciting experience.  It’s encouraging the pickiest eaters to indulge in their ancestral feast.

  1. Ancestral Nutrition at Its Core:

Open Farm RawMix food for Dogs is a celebration of ancestral nutrition. Which aimed to ‘ReWild’ our pets’ diets. It offers easy-to-serve meals inspired by the wild. The nutrient dense kibble serves as the foundation. Which is coated in a tantalizing bone broth and freeze dried raw blend. This unique and best combination is further enhanced with the addition of hearty chunks of raw meat. It creates a feast that truly captures the essence of a dog’s natural diet.

The Final Word: A Balanced Approach Dog Food

The Final Word: A Balanced Approach Dog Food:

Open Farm Raw Mix offers a unique perspective on dogs’ nutritional health. The brand combines convenient kibble with the perceived benefits of a raw diet. While it’s a premium price tag product. But potential digestive issues require careful consideration. Its aligns with the growing trend of ethically sourced with high quality pet food. Ultimately the decision of whether RawMix is the right choice for your dog rests with you. If it is guided by your veterinarian’s professional advice. And a deep understanding of your individual dog’s needs.

Unleashing the Wild Within: A Look at Open Farm’s RawMix Dog Food:

Open Farm’s RawMix collection steps into this arena, offering a unique blend of convenience and raw food inspiration. Let’s delve into the world of RawMix, exploring its philosophy, ingredients, potential benefits, and considerations.

Considerations Before Making the Switch to RawMix:

While RawMix presents a compelling option, it’s important to be aware of potential considerations:

  • Cost Factor: Open Farm RawMix falls on the pricier end of the dog food spectrum compared to conventional kibble.
  • Digestive Sensitivity: Some dogs are may experience digestive upset during the transition to a new food. Especially if they have sensitive stomach issues. A gradual introduction is crucial.
  • Limited Availability: Open Farm RawMix might not be readily available in all pet stores, requiring online ordering or visiting specialized retailers.
  • Marketing Claims: While Open Farm emphasizes the benefits of mimicking ancestral diets, the long-term implications on domestic dogs are yet to be conclusively established.

Making an Informed Decision:

The suitability of Open Farm RawMix for your dog depends on individual needs and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Your Dog’s Age and Health: Consult a veterinarian before introducing RawMix to puppies, senior dogs, or those with specific health conditions.
  2. Activity Level: Highly active dogs might require a food richer in calories and protein compared to less active pups.
  3. Budget: Open Farm RawMix comes at a premium compared to some conventional dog foods, so factor in the cost before making a switch.
  4. Dietary Preferences: If your dog has a sensitive stomach issues. Or any existing allergy, discuss the potential risks with your veterinarian before trying Raw-Mix dog food.


Open Farm Raw Mix is more than just a dog food brand. Brand commits to provide our four legged friends (dogs) with a nutritionally rich and biologically appropriate diet. By blending the convenience of modern pet care with the wisdom of ancestral nutrition. Raw-Mix delivers a culinary experience. That satisfies a dog’s primal instincts while ensuring his well being in the domesticated world. The pet owners seeking to elevate their dog’s diet to the next level. Therefore Raw-Mix is a delicious journey into the wild that promises health, happiness and a truly satisfied appetite for your loving pet/dog.

Open Farm’s commitment extends beyond providing innovative dog food. They champion a bigger mission, embracing sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and community engagement. 


Is Open Farm RawMix human grade?

Yes, Open Farm RawMix uses human-grade, ethically raised, and minimally processed ingredients in their products. They emphasize using the same quality ingredients as those used in human food.

How much protein is in Open Farm raw mix?

The exact amount of protein in Open Farm RawMix varies depending on the specific recipe. However, all their RawMix formulas boast a minimum guaranteed protein content of 29%. You could find the exact protein content by checking the “Guaranteed Analysis” section on the back of the product packaging. Or on the product page of the retailer you’re purchased from.

How does Open Farm cook their kibble?

The exact details of Open Farm’s kibble cooking process aren’t publicly available. They mention using a low-and-slow cooking process to preserve the nutrients in the kibble portion of their RawMix formulas. This method likely involves baking or extrusion at a lower temperature than some conventional kibble brands.

Can raw food upset dogs stomach?

While most healthy dogs tolerate raw food well, it can upset their stomachs, especially during the transition from kibble or in dogs with sensitive digestion. Many factors like bacteria, improper handling, and individual differences could play a role. Consult your vet before switch your dog to raw food. Especially if the dog has any health concerns or symptoms.

Is raw harmful to dogs?

Raw food itself is not harmful to dogs. But it could carry some risks like bacterial contamination and nutritional deficiencies. choked hazards (bones) and parasites. Consult your vet before switch your dog to any raw food.


This article is not intended to replacing any professional advice. Consult your veterinarian.  Before change your dog’s-diet. Especially if the dog has any underlyed health conditions.

This article delves into the world of Open Farm Raw Mix. I have explored their philosophy, product range, and top sellers. I want to help you decide if any product is right fit for your pet. The information provided in this article is. For only informational purposes. It should not be take as a substitute for professional guidance.

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